Since 1984 we have lived at our current location near Mt Pleasant and within walking distance of the Mt Crawford Forest, which provides an excellent choice of walks for the dogs. Our property of twenty acres, is in the Mt Lofty Ranges about an hour's drive from the centre of Adelaide and is predominately bushland with only about one acre set aside for the dog runs.
We began life with pedigreed dogs in 1982 with a Norwegian Elkhound and a Pyrenean Mountain Dog. These dogs, as we look around now, were fine examples of their breed. A second Norwegian Elkhound followed four years later. When our first two pedigree dogs neared their time to cross the Rainbow Bridge, we searched for a new breed that suited us both. The Alaskan Malamute appeared to fit the bill. Our first two dogs, Siarnak (Ch Shuyak Ilat Aullari) and Shuyo (Ch Polstars Lichf Ashuya) began our addiction to Alaskan Malamutes in 1994. Bought as pets, we were convinced to show them. Both of them gained their Australian title with Siarnak taking out two Best in Group and one Runner-up in Group along the way. Shuyo took out a Runner-up Group award.

Bandit (Ch Shuyak Akima Aluk) joined us in 1995 at the age of 14 months. He was a magnificent dog who sold so many people on this beautiful breed. Before being retired from the ring in 2000 he had earned a Best in Show, 2 Best in Group, numerous Runner-ups in Group and Class in Group awards and accumulated close to 500 points.

Our introduction to breeding was fraught with problems and heartache. A week after mating Shuyo and Bandit, Shuyo became violently ill and the vet  thought she may lose her litter. However 9 weeks later she produced a litter of two. The male died after two days and the bitch (Taiya) had an internal ear deformity and overshot jaw. The repeat mating was more successful as Shuyo produced four live puppies but unfortunately there were also four stillborns. Shuyo did not produce milk for either litter so we had to hand feed. Of the four puppies in this mating, two (Kaiya and Miortok) went to pet homes, one male (Tumi) to a show home but he sadly died at three years of age and we kept and showed the fourth (Issuma). This disastrous start to breeding did not put us off but taught us many useful lessons for our future breeding programme.

Layla (Paharey Laylattu Vaaqan) joined us in 1996 and began our association with Paharey Kennels to whom we owe so much in support, advice and access to their lines. These lines give us the temperament, type, angulation and movement that are so valuable to this working breed. Our aim, as a kennel, is to breed to strengthen these aspects in our dogs by careful line breeding. To this end we mated Layla with Grand Ch Paharey Tuk in 1998. The resultant litter gave us three wonderful show dogs in Iliuk, Elhana and Inuk, who have all become Australian Champions, winning many In Group and In Show awards along the way. Iliuk added a Best in Show award to this list in gaining his Grand Champion title.

Using Iliuk over Dakota (Paharey Mmaid Tapefecton) we further combined line breeding with the out cross of Am Ch Cold Creek's True Blue (Blue). This mating produced eleven puppies, three of which were seen in the ring in South Australia (Atti, Kita and Kayusi). Tartok went to live with Paul Shepherd in Victoria.

Unfortunately due to a variety of personal reasons these dogs have not continued to grace the show ring. Atti has never properly recovered from being attacked by another malamute in the assembly area. It still scares him to the extent that we deemed it better to retire him from showing.

Our next line bred litter was our "Elttu" litter which was a mating between Aust Grand Ch/NZ Ch Paharey Ttumalam (Toohey) and Ch Tuvaaqan Latuelhana (Honey). This litter produced eight beautiful puppies, three of which are being shown and all have gained their Australian Champion title.

To further our breeding, and keep to what we see as true Alaskan Malamute type, our next litter came from turning to Artic-Luv Kennels in the USA as one of their dogs, Ch Artic-Luv's Kodiak Attu is behind our lines. This mating of Artic-Luv's Purple Haze (Jimi) and Ch Tuvaaqan Elttu Anerta (Anerta) produced our "Jian" litter of ten puppies. Four of these puppies are being shown and all look to have an excellent showing career ahead of them. Two, Tamaani and Pixiun, are now titled and the other two are pointed towards their titles. Between them all they have many Class in Group awards.
All puppies are in loving homes where they are adored and cherished by their owners because of their looks and outstanding temperaments.
The next step along Artic-Luv/Uyak path was the mating of  South African Champion Articluvsa Ice Rocker (Rocky) to our Jimi daughter, Tuvaaqan Jian Pixiun (Pixiun). This litter produced four male puppies, of which two are currently being shown. Our boy, Tuvaaqan Piro Imarik (Imarik), has already gain two Class in Group wins. All of the puppies from this litter have the most outstanding personalities, and beautiful conformation, true to the lines behind them.
Our next litter continues this path to breeding Alaskan Malamutes that remain true to the original type. This litter is out of Aust Ch Tuvaaqan Elttu Anerta and Uyak Koyuk Kip. This litter produced four female puppies and three male puppies.
We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Bernadette Quercio in America, and Horst and Susan Kranz in South Africa.

Since the "Piro" litter we have continued the collaboration with Bernadette Quercio of Artic-Luv Kennels (USA) to produce two litters out of Uyak Koyak Kip and most recently another litter from Artic-Luv's Purple Haze (Jimi). The puppies produced have all shown excellent type and consistency, being outstanding examples of the breed with pedigrees that benefit from their deep seated base in the breed.


Below are photos of our first three Alaskan Malamutes.
They were our training ground in this breed.

BIS Aust Ch Shuyak Akima Aluk
Best In Show
Northern Districts Kennel and Obedience Club - Championship Show
December 14th 1997 - Group and General Specials judge was Mr. R Greer

Aust Ch Shuyak Ilat Aularri
Multi Best in Group Winner Res In Group Winner & Class In Group Winner

Aust Ch Polstars Lichf Ashuya