Scroll through to see photos of puppies from birth to maturity

Proud mum and babies (Jian litter) This is hard work! I'll just have a little snooze (Piro litter) Boy, that was some party! (Piro litter)
Mates (Piro litter) Such a proud mother (Kian litter) When you can't hold your head up any longer you just have to sleep (Kian litter)
Such a cleaver girl (Tuyak litter) All cosy together (Tuyak litter) I'm just so proud of myself (Articluv litter)
Nine! Just look at the colours! (Articluv litter)   This is a nice spot to sleep (Ilua litter) Keeping a close watch over my babies (Ilua litter)
You lookin' at me? (Jian litter) I think the yellow compliments my colour. Don't you? (Jian litter) Gaol break? (Piro litter) 
I surrender! (Kian litter) Peek-a-boo (Kian litter) Now this is the life! (Tuyak litter)
I have places to go, things to do (Kian litter) One day my mouth is going to be as big as yours mummy (Kian litter)  Yep. I can touch my toes (Tuyak litter)
I can poke my tongue out while I sleep AND look cute at the same time (Articluv litter) A boy must have a pillow that compliments his colours - it's just good fashion sense (Articluv litter) Puppy ring (Ilua litter)
We've played hard - now we sleep (Ilua litter)
I've got business to be doing (Jian litter) This is my "gaze intently into the distance" look (Jian litter) Taaktuq - Just how coooll do I look?" (Jian litter)
I'm one happy chappie (Piro litter) Life is tough (Piro litter) Lucky there's only four of them (Tuyak litter)
I'm rather proud of myself! (Tuyak litter) A handsome pair (Articluv litter) I am sooo photogenic (Articluv litter)
If I look really cute you won't tell me off for chewing the chair (Ilua litter) What are you hiding under your paw? (Ilua litter)  
It's my wiggly-giggly and I love it - don't I look cute? (Atti) I'll just lean against this convenient human (Akkuni)
I am sooo cute! (Honey) It's handy having a little human hold your bowl (Kayla & Alia)
I'm NOT looking (Iliuk) One very proud lady (Issuma aka Zoom Zoom)
Will I grow up to be a big dog like you? (Layla & Bandit) See how I hoon? (Taaktuq)
Are we getting food soon? (Pixiun, Anerta & Illimar)